Sex on Innerspring Mattress is better

Here’s a fun fact you might be interested to know this Valentine’s day…

According to a study done by Leggett & Platt, having sex on an innerspring mattress, as opposed to air mattress or foam mattress, is tons better. Do you agree with it?

The results: 68% of respondents prefer an innerspring mattress for sex, while 25% like foam and 7% prefer air, according to L&P.

The L&P officials are weighing in with some sexy supporting data, asserting that innersprings “have the goods to back up their studly status.” Leggett says that innersprings return 94% of the energy applied to them, which is 27% higher than foam mattresses and 6% higher than air mattresses. “Bounce per bounce,” L&P officials said, seriously, “the active support of innersprings adds the best boost of energy for boudoir fun.”

Noted Mark Quinn, group executive vice president of bedding at L&P: “Consumers consider their financial return on investment when purchasing a mattress and they should weigh the energy ROI as well. After all, couples spend a lot of quality time on mattresses, whether it is being intimate, reading a book or watching television together.”

The data is supported by a clinical psychologists. And you can read all the findings here. Keep this in mind when off on a date, tonight.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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