Serta Reinvents iComfort Mattress

Serta is making changes to its iComfort mattress line and has unveiled what these are recently.

The new mattresses feature new technologies that offer better sleep environment. Consumers can choose from four different kinds of mattress models: EverCool™ Gfx,   Cool Action™ Dual Effects™, Pods™ Gel-Activated Support and ThermoCool™ Fabric Covers with Tencel®.

  • EverCool™ Gfx  features memory foam technology, which helps disspate heat and comforms to the body for better support.
  • Cool Action™ Dual Effects™  provides an advanced gel layer that enhances a cooler sleeping area. It also is made of memory foam.
  • Pods™ Gel-Activated Support has different gel discs placed strategically on the mattress, to provide comfort and relief in the different zones of the body.
  • ThermoCool™ Fabric Covers with Tencel® has a special fabric enclosed in the mattress that helps dal with moisture, odor and bacteria.

These mattress will be rolling out at showrooms and display stores soon.

Says the company head:

“The new iComfort Directions models represent a true innovation in gel memory foam technology, and will help our retailers capitalize on the success of iComfort while closing more sales at premium price points.”

Price range for this new line is between $1999 – $2999.

To learn more, check the official Serta website.

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