Platform Beds Rising In Popularity

The Wall Street Journal has an article about the recent rise in the popularity and sellability of the platform bed. It’s mostly thanks to the slew of memory foam mattresses that have been released in the last couple of years, where box spring is no longer required and a platform bed suffices.

It may also have been because of the most recent Twilight movie where Bella and Edward consummated their marriage on a platform bed.

After Bella and Edward shared a romantic encounter on a canopy bed with a platform base in November’s “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn” movie, the bed’s designer, MASHstudios, was inundated with fans of the series. “It was crazy,” says Erin Magbee, the company’s marketing coordinator. After the Twilight movie came out, traffic on the 10-year-old company’s website swelled to 10 times its normal levels, though few fans have gone on to buy the $4,400 bed.

But long before the movie, platform beds were already doing well in sales. Unlike box springs, platform beds were less bulky. The mattress sits on top of slats or base and the design is more contemporary. These were also low on the floor, which makes it much more convenient and comfortable to sleep on.

Some of the more popular ones are these, according to WSJ:

the 16-inch-high Stratton Bed ($1,800) from Pottery Barn. The white bed has built-in drawers and looks like it was made for a country cottage. Raymour & Flanigan’s Saratoga platform bed ($800-$1,000 for different sizes) has a traditional look, with walnut veneers on the tall headboard, and Charles P. Rogers’s Sleigh platform bed ($1,500-$1,900) is based on a classic French design.

You can read about the whole report here.

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