Palmpring Coir Mattress

This mattress is made of long coconut fibers. Coconut has been used for mattresses several decades ago and provided little inconvenience. It also offered a mattress that was not prone to bed bugs and other allergens. One of its disadvantages, however, is that it may be pretty hard to sleep on compared to what many companies are offering today with its latex foams. Yet this type of mattress is more ideal for those who want to sleep on a harder surface.

A coconut mattress also offers cooler ventilation, thus avoiding any skin rashes, brought about by sweating and otheer irritants. This can also be washed and sun-dried, which makes maintenance easy to handle.

Some of its benefits, as provided by Palmpring:

  • Hardness is good for long-term comfort and for the spine.
  • The coir mattresses have no problem of rust and noise encountered with metallic springs.
  • This product is easy to wash and clean by simply opening a zipper for the sides.

You can get this from Palmpring.

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