Organic Mattresses, Inc & Naturepedic Earn GOLS Certification

Two of the leaders in the manufacture of sustainable mattresses, Organic Mattress, Inc. (OMI) and Naturepedic, has received the Global Organic Latex Standards (GOLS),  a recognition bestowed to companies producing latex mattress with utmost quality from its manufacturing stages to distribution.

The certification asserts that products from these two mattress manufacturing companies are culled following a sustainable process and using organic materails. The certifiying company keeps tracks of this regularly and makes sure that the manufacturing, packaging and labeling of the items are up to standards.

Mattress companies who wish to be certified has to submit their application for this, and as OMI was the first one to actually do so, receiving the very first certification.

Both OMI and Naturepedic are also members of the Specialty Sleep Association (SSA), which promotes and requires good and sustainable sleep initiatives and transparency among its members.

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