Oakland California Pushes Penalty for Mattress Dumpers

Mattress dumpers beware!

Senator Loni Hancock from Oakland, California is pushing for a new legistation that will make manufactures and retailers liable for mattress disposals that would allow them to post fees onto the consumers.

The problem has been growing in this state and the local government has spent over $500,000 last year just to get rid of mattresses left on the city streets.

Apparently dumping is common in a city or town with fewer poppulation as it is easier and more convenient for consumers, than to actually pay $20 or above to have these brought to disposing facilities. Oakland has such a facility located in San Leandro’s Waste Management transfer center.

Under this legistlation, the bill will require manufacturers or retailers to make the mattress retrieval after the delivery of the new mattress. They can charge for a fee from the customers to do this.

In Connecticut, a similar bill has been lodged this year, but is still under discussion with the mattress industry.

The same opposition is happening in California, as the International Sleep Products Association thinks this will give retailers the license to drive up prices of mattresses for all consumers, when only a few dump their mattresses irresponsibly.

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