New Standards for Crib Mattresses Issued by ISPA

The International Sleep Products Association (ISPA) and its key working group and members has drafted a new crib mattress standard or guideline that the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), a regulating body, has just approved.  This new standard is aimed at a better and safer sleep environment that will help prevent SIDS and other threats and accidents for babies and infants while sleeping.

Among the stipulations in the new standard include having manufacturers put a warning and safety advise for consumers, as well as adhering to guidelines that will  prevent potential gaps that normally take place when the mattress is on the crib. Many infants incur accidents, or worse, die, when they become entrapped in these gaps and suffocate.

According to  ISPA Vice President of Government Relations & Policy, Christopher Hudgins, “This new standard will mean that parents and infants can sleep comfortably at night knowing their new crib mattress meets the latest safety requirements.”

This new standard, however, is voluntary, but the ISPA is confident that many manufacturers will follow it.

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