New Bedding Players Debut at High Point Market

hypnos At the High Point Market in NC this year, several new bedding companies made their big debuts including Marthe Stewart’s Good Bed, which we have already featured a few months back.

Also in coming in as new market players in the bedding industry is a company called Kindel Furniture which carry the Hypnos Mattress line, a high end bedding brand.

Restonic, while not exactly new in the market is showing off their brand new high-end models featuring beds going for $499 to $799. Says its company Vice President, Laurie Tokarz — “Retailers need to offer value in these challenging times. Instead of looking at $1,299, consumers are looking for $699 beds. They have less disposable income.”

Otis Bedding is also introducing to the public its brand new iForm Bright Mornings mattress.

The High Point Market in NC is running from October 20-26th.

Via Furniture Today

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