Mobile Mattress Cleaning Service Opens in Denton

A local Denton resident in Texas has set up an enterprising idea. Using his personally designed mattress cleaning equipment, Michael Ingle and his team can clean and sanitize any mattress for less than 15 minutes.

Called the Mattress Cleaners Inc, the tools these cleaners make use of include UV lights, steam and anti-microbial nano technology.

Developing its business model and operations required tons of research on Ingle’s part, which took over two years to come into play. But how he ended up with a mattress cleaning facility that’s actually a 16-foot truck filled with technologically advanced machines to remove dead skin, bedbugs and dust mites from mattresses, is outlined in this story from the Denton RC.

Part of his challenge, Ingle said, is continuing to educate people on the benefits of what his business has to offer. In his research, he has found that the average mattress contains more than 100,000 dust mites, and bedbugs can live in a mattress up to six months without feeding, according to a company brochure.

“It is for a good cause — we improve air quality and wellness,” Ingle said.

A mattress of any size is placed inside what Ingle calls a “Clean Sleep Machine” — a truck that has equipment to sanitize a mattress using ultraviolet light, a dry steam process, a vacuum, infrared heat, ozone and antimicrobial nanotechnology. The entire process takes 15 minutes.

You can read more of the story in this article.

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