Mattress Trend for 2014

Screen Shot 2013-12-31 at 1.49.49 PMWhat can be expected from the mattress industry this 2014?

According to the experts, growth for specialty mattresses that will feature hybrid styles and innovations will continue to become the primary focus for many of the players. We’ve seen how much cooling gels have risen in demand in the past years, and it’s most likely going to escalate this year. In particular, manufacturers will be developing and coming up with mattress products that help with making the sleep environment cooler or warmer, depending on the climate, especially since the weather, of late, continues to become so unpredictable.

Previous trends, such as eco-friendly mattresses and memory foam mattresses, will remain in best-sellers and will also be chosen over traditional mattresses, as consumers become more and more aware of the importance of creating a healthier sleep experience in the bedroom. Researchers also say that there may be a rise in the demand for plant-based memory foam mattresses because the product bring forth a more cooling effect compared to other memory foam innovations.

Consumers will also learn to love customized mattresses this coming year, even as these can run up the tab even higher. People are now slowly understanding how mattresses, like cars, are such worthy investments, that opting to get a cheaper kind, with less value and benefit, is no longer viable.

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