Things You Can Do To Make the Bedroom More Romantic

top-15-romantic-blue-bedroom-for-weddingThis Valentine’s, you don’t have to spend a lot to celebrate the night with your loved-one. You can simply make an effort to turn your bedroom into a romantic hideaway by following these ideas:

1. Clean the room thoroughly, and of course, don’t forget to make the bed. Change the sheets. Use bedding that are smooth on the skin, and highlights the sense of touch. Change the pillows with a fluffier type, for a softer and comfortable feel. Add a down comforter and resist those that come with busy patterns. If you can imagine what most hotel rooms are like, they usually just stick with white or a solid color for sheets. This does away with clutter that distracts a romantic setting.

2. Blue and gray hues seem to offer a cooler and crisper atmosphere in the bedroom, that is, if white is not an option. Change window treatments to this color, or add a few accessories in this shade. This will improve how the room looks, making it pleasant to the sight. A pleasant-looking room can spark a romantic time.

3. Consider using lights. Mood lighting can really flatter the room. If it’s too late to have one installed, you can use lamps or candles to create the romance. Just make sure that you set the candles in a safe place in the bedroom.

4. Make the room even more inviting with scents. If you are already planning on using candles, then all the better to get scented ones. You can also use linen spray for the sheets. For long-term use, consider investing in a room humidifier.

5. Lastly, provide mood music to punctuate the perfect romantic setting. Choose your loved-one’s favorite or pick out some sexy instrumentals to play up the evening.

Have fun celebrating!

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