Mattress Buying: What’s The Best Mattress?

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There really is no way to say which mattress is best because when it comes to purchasing mattress, the number one point to consider is actually based on one vital factor: your preference.

With so many types to choose from and with each mattress feature offering something different for the user, buying can then be narrowed down to one essential: what is it you really look for in a mattress?

Let’s go over some of the types…

Traditionally, innerspring mattresses are very popular because it’s the type many of us grew up on and we’re so used to how it feels. Wrapped in individual metal coil springs, this mattress provides great support. The good thing about latest innerspring innovations in the market today is that there are now different levels of softness and firmness a user can choose from. If you’re the type to suffer from back pains, for example, a firm type of innerspring mattress would be best.

EuroTop mattresses are those that come with an added top layer on the sleep surface. This layer is also made from different kinds of materials like wool, cashmere, gel or memory foam, and thus, deliver results differently. What a EuroTop provides for the bed are extra cushioning giving the user a more luxurious feel. Would you benefit from a EuroTop if you have sleep problems? Yes, definitely. But then again, it should depend on what this extra layer is made from and if you’re body is comfortable with it.

Those who enjoy how mattresses snuggle up and conform to the body can sleep better using memory foam mattresses. This, however, has its disadvantage as sleeping on a memory foam can be warm, leaving you sweating in bed. So, you’re more likely to enjoy this only when your bedroom is colder. Some memory foams have an added gel layer to help with this heat problem. But again, if you’re back is more in synch with sleeping on a firmer bed, this may not be the best choice for you.

So, before making any purchase, ask yourself — what do you really want from a mattress? Then based your decisions from there.


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