Managing the Kids’ Sleep Routine During Holidays

Screen Shot 2013-12-25 at 2.10.22 PMBecause the holidays are filled with so many activities, the children are also most likely to stay up later than usual. With school on a break, there’s nothing else to give them that rigid routine for sleep, and things can get messed up. Should you indulge and let kids enjoy this, or should you make sure that they don’t forget their routine? In some households, routines are still upheld because it makes for a very stress-free holiday vacation. When everyone, including the kids are getting good sleep, no one wakes up sore and cranky!

But how can you stick to a routine with everyone that’s happening this season? Here are some suggestions:

  • Remain with a set bedtime. Alright, maybe it’s okay to indulge a few nights, such as on Christmas or New Year’s Eve, and let the kids stay up longer. But for the rest of the holidays, stick with a routine bedtime. If you would like to do some adjustments, maybe allow the kids to have one hour extra, so long as you stay firm with the bedtime rules. This also goes for naps.
  • Traveling this Christmas? Being in a different place this holiday can also affect sleeping patterns, and the best thing to deal with this is to really give your children focus when it comes to bedtime. Take the time to tuck them in bed. That party is going to last all night long, so that can wait. It’s important to let your child relax because being in a different environment, along with the excitement and stress of travel, can be so over stimulating, they would require something familiar, such as your company, to help them settle down.
  • Routinely check their sleep areas. Because kids are on full vacation mode, they will probably be using the bedroom a lot, and leave food or toys in between the sheets and pillows. Before setting them down for bedtime, be sure that the mattresses and sheets are clean, straight and really conducive for sleeping. A messy sleeping area can also affect sleep routines.

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