How To Keep Your Mattress In Great Condition

Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 11.52.42 AMJust like your car, your mattress is a big investment purchase. You’ll benefit a lot from it for many years of use only if you take care of it and avoid doing things that will contribute to its deterioration.┬áCaring for the mattress comes with common sense, but sometimes, these little reminders may be necessary:

1. Jumping on the mattress, especially if this is made of coil springs, will put unnecessary pressure on it. The coils and layers in between may grow thin and eventually wear out, thus shortening the lifespan of the mattress. Jumping may also lead to nicks and bumps on the bedframe that could destroy its structure and lead to an uneven bed. It would be hard to sleep when the condition is like this, right?

2. Mattresses no longer have to be flipped these days. It’s because they are designed to be more supportive on bottom side and softer or firmer on the top side. If you flip this, then you basically alter the composition of your mattress, and you’ll end up sleeping on the hardest core. This, too, would not be great for your sleeping environment.

3. Use bedding and mattress protector. Bedding will help protect the sleep surface from dirt and other stuff. A mattress protector, meanwhile, not only adds an extra layer of comfort, it also keeps the mattress from getting stained or wearing out.

Once in a while, do a general cleaning of your mattress. This site has tons of tips on mattress cleaning. Just browse through our archives.

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