How to be a Great House Guest this Holiday

Screen Shot 2013-12-09 at 4.06.19 PMStaying over at someone else’s house for the holidays? Be your best self and become the beloved house guests your friends would invite back by following these tips:

1.) Your host may not have the chance to prepare to stock up extras on shampoo, soaps, toothpastes and since you are not exactly staying a hotel, it would be best to pack your own toiletries. It would also not be prudent to take extended soaks in the tub or have a long hot sure, especially if you’re left to share the bathroom with other members of the household. Even if you do have your own bathroom in the guest’s area, it would be considerate to just take showers and bath as necessary.

2.) Take care not to spoil the bed and mattress. Eating on the bed is definitely not encouraged. Cleaning up on the day you leave is also ideal. If possible, remove the sheets and then fold these neatly by the bed side. Tidy it up so that your hosts will no longer have to clean after you.

3.) Leave a token or gift when you go. A wine bottle, a basket of fruit, or something to use for the house will have your hosts appreciating your visit even better.

No matter how long or short your stay this holidays, having good graces and etiquette is still important.

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