Bedbugs Are Everywhere! Some Tips To Detect and Control It

Bedbugs problem are on the rise. A recent report says that the epidemic has risen to about 500%! Now, that’s really a huge, huge problem from creatures so small. Not only are bedbugs found in bedrooms or hotel rooms these days. They have infested movie houses and offices.

One way to know if the room is infested, according to Women’s Health, is that the room sometimes smell of coriander. Bedbugs apparently release pheromone, delivering a pungent smell.

Check sheets and mattresses when you enter your hotel room. If you find black spots, those are actually bedbug poop. If you can find a flashlight, you can see some of these better by shining a light on it. Check the bottom of the bed because chances are they’re all there.

Because bedbugs love to live in cracks, couches are also no longer safe. If you’re checking the bed, you might as well check the sofa cushions for signs of infestation. Incidentally, you must not pick up old couches and mattresses on the streets no matter how much you like these. You never know what’s in them!

Bedbugs now also thrive in baseboards and picture frames, hence the spread is astronomical and right now, quite unstoppable. Report this to the hotel concierge, should you find one. And if the infestation is in your house, it’s time to hire a pest control service to make the necessary treatment.

If you’re traveling, do make sure that you don’t carry bedbugs in your suitcases. There are bedbugs luggage sprays you can buy at grocery stores and be wary of where you set your luggage when you’re inside the hotel room (the bed, of course, must be avoided).

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