5 New Year’s Resolutions for the Bedroom

You’ve heard how people say that the bedroom is the “sanctuary”. Psychologists and feng shui experts are actually agree in that to leave the bedroom cluttered invites bad vibes, making your sanctuary a very uninviting place. You may not get good rest or sleep because of this.

Bring all these positive energy into the bedroom and into your life by resolving to make this space clutter free, clean and organized this year. Start it right by making these resolutions for the bedroom.

1. Get rid of stuff you don’t need. A bedroom looks a lot cleaner, beautiful and inviting when it is minimally decorated. Perhaps there’s a set of figurines you can already box, donate or get rid of. Perhaps there’s a side table lamp that you no longer use but it’s still sitting on the table. It’s high time to throw that away. Or your side-table may be overflowing with piles of paper and it’s best to organize and file this. Maybe it’s also time to invest in new cabinet shelves or hooks so that there are no clothes strewn next to your bedroom chair.

De-cluttering not only helps to keep your sanctuary look neat. It also clears your mind, thus enabling you to sleep better.

2. Make a note to adorn your bedroom with blue or green hues. Experts say these colors are inviting, as well as very soothing to the nervous system. It helps make you sleep easier because these colors are calming and relaxing. If you do not plan on re-painting your room, use blues and greens on blankets, pillows, curtains or bed covers.

3. Keep your room pretty by adding fresh flowers and scented candles. Similar to the idea that certain colors are soothing, certain items and scents also have same effect to help you sleep better. Make an effort to prettify your bedroom and see how much your outlook can change when you wake up to a beautiful surrounding every morning.

4. Minimize the urge to eat in the bedroom. Make sure to keep this habit off from now on. Not only is this going to keep ants and other bacteria off your bed and mattress, but by not eating in bed while you’re enjoying your favorite book or TV show, will benefit your health.

5. Change sheets every two weeks and clean your mattress every quarter. This is actually a no-brainer but people do forget the importance of cleaning and cleanliness when it comes to mattresses and bedding. Fresh sheets and a cleaner mattress can do a lot for sleep and your health.

These resolutions for the bedroom are actually very easy to follow and keep for the rest of the year. Do you have any more to add?

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