Mattress Myths: Are You Aware of Them?

A local TV affiliate from ABC ran this story around myths with mattress purchases and care, and how each consumer should be wise enough to know them. The feature summed up the myths into three kinds:

1) how the type of mattress affects comfort level.

2) the presence of dust mites in the mattress

3) the issue with removing mattress tags.

To a conscientious consumer, these issues are relatively decided upon based on common sense, but it’s always good to be reminded about it once in a while, and this video feature does a great job of educating people on choosing, buying and caring for a mattress.

Watch the video:

Why are these information important for a consumer to know? Buying a mattress is a life-long commitment, much like choosing a house or car. The lack of awareness will pose a challenge to someone who doesn’t have any idea of his or her mattress purchase, and the end result would be being stuck with a mattress that will not deliver the best quality. This includes any warranties that should be covered with each purchase. No one wants to be stuck with a bad mattress now, wouldn’t it?

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