The Sky Bed

Enjoy a lazy summer afternoon out in the backyard with the Sky Bed. It looks crude, we know that. But it’s actually pretty comfortable. Some say, it may be more comfortable than sleeping on an actual bed.

The makers of this Sky Bed are proud of the fact that it’s the only flat two-point hammock. Its asymmetric design is supposed to help deliver comfort and support, as it can accommodate more space for rest and relaxation. The hammock itself is made from nylon sleeves, similar to what is used for parachutes. It is the kind that has thermal features, which means that it’s sleep surface can adapt to weather changes, so that it won’t feel hot in the summer. So that it doesn’t easily rip, the hammock is reinforced with webbed seams.

What makes it even more special is the fact that it has foam pads, which are also insulated. Sleeping on it would be such a convenience, which is why this outdoor hammock and mattress is so conducive for campers and those who love to spend time outdoors this summer.

Look into the other details of the Sky Bed here.

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