The Pillow for Long Distance Lovers

Separated by thousands of miles, couples who are currently staying in one place can sleep comfortably with this creative pillow. This has been designed to light up and glow whenever their partner, who is on the other end of the world, also holds it close or sleeps with it.

Based on a design student’s idea, the pillow is aptly named “Pillow talk” and makes use of technological sensors and fabric panels that the couple will have to wear every time they go to bed. When it’s time for sleep, the panels and sensors will send signals to each other, causing the pillows to glow, indicating each other’s presence. Further to that, the pillow is also designed to ¬†allow partners to be able to hear each other heartbeats when they rest their heads on the pillow.

This invention by the Scottish design student is supposed to bring a certain sense of intimacy and closeness among couples, and probably between parents and their children.

This video below explains how the pillow works:

The Pillow Talk isn’t mass produced yet. But there’s a campaign to get its manufacturing started and you can learn all about it on their Facebook page.

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