The Hippo Sleeper

Screen Shot 2013-12-26 at 9.16.02 AM We’re guessing that your kid who is now residing in the college dorm will be thrilled to have this chair mattress as an addition in his humble dorm room.

The Hippo Sleeper chair is made up of thick padding that feels ultra comfortable as a bed. For daytime use, this puffy chair is great for resting and relaxation as the padded arms and backrest provide good support for when he wants to read his notes and books, or watch television.

But at night time, it also works as an extra sleeping space, as the chair can easily fold out into one single mattress. This would be great for when a classmate of his has to bunk for study sleepovers and everything else.

Not only is this ideal for dorm rooms, it’s great for any bedroom, including your own masters bedroom at home. It’s also practical for houses with small spaces.

The Hippo Sleeper is designed and created for the Ark Group, which imports European furniture in the Americas.

More details about this chair slash futon mattress on this site.

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