The Cocodoll by Renowed Artist Lalanne

Artists François-Xavier Lalanne and Claude Lalanne of the duo Les Lalanne have been working together since the mid-1950’s and came up with their first ever furniture sculpture exhibit called the Zoophites in 1964. The project was a display of unconventional pieces that were mostly inspired by animal and nature and among these was this Cocodoll by François-Xavier Lalanne.


The four-poster bed is obviously stunning, one of a kind, and truly a work of art. There isn’t much provided in detail about what this bed is made of, but you can easily tell that the composition and craftsmanship is far superior. And much like most of the duo Les Lelanne’s creations, this comes as fully functional, complete with a mattress to complement it.

Would you be able to sleep on a bed like this or would it be better to just put it on display? No one does sculptures and art work quite as gorgeous as this one anymore!

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