Privacy Pop Tent

Looking at this oddly designed tent bed reminds us of caravans from the 19th century. But past or present, the idea behind this creation is to bring privacy into one’s sleeping area‚Ķthat is, if having a bedroom isn’t enough privacy. (So, maybe you’re sharing it with someone, like in a dorm room?)

Screen Shot 2014-01-24 at 11.18.20 AM

This bed comes equipped with an actual tent that can be folded up or down, depending on how covered you want to be. This is actually meant for campers and outdoor dwellers. It’s a different take on the usual tents you see, which actually sounds like an amazing idea, because this way, you get to sleep soundly knowing that all four corners of your “tiny room” are secure.

The bed is also designed to fit into a traveling case, so if you’re one who likes to rough it in the mountains or go trailing off a national park, but would like to have comfortable sleeping at least, then this Privacy Pop Tent is a good solution. We’re not sure about the mattress, however, but it looks like any foldable mattress of your choice can fit into this one nicely.

Unfortunately, it’s currently not available where it’s sold, but the site will let you know when the item is back on stock again, if you want to.

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