Mattress Scare Prank Videos

Anytime someone decides to do a scare prank video with the mattress as props, it always ends up being a riot. Here are two recent videos presented by Break, a type of gag show. As you will watch, the setting for these pranks happened in two different neighborhoods, but the reactions from the people are so similar.

We don’t really know why these people can’t figure out the prank, when the spot on the mattress where the prankster’s face is, will always be obvious especially if a person is coming a little further away.

We’re also wondering if the pranksters have ever gotten any unruly feedback from the people they have tried to scare. It seems this scheme has been such a hit, to warrant many videos from the same production.

Have you ever experienced a mattress scare prank, or have witnessed one? Is it really something that’s not easy to spot? Would you be willing to play the same prank on someone else?

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