Bingo Pouf and Mattress

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Compact and highly functional, the Bingo Pouf and Mattress as both a sleeping and seating solution for every type of living area. In its original state, the mattress ins folded together to make a very comfortable seater. But when it is opened, the mattress becomes a sleeping area good for an individual. There is a tray cover that goes with it, serving a dual purpose as well (as a tray and as a table top).

This is a practical add on to a household where space is an issue. The pouf or mattress’ covers can be easily removed and replaced or dry cleaned.

Bingo comes in different colors so you can mix and match this at home. The fabric is soft and felt-like. It’s made of wool and polyamide, so its characteristically tactile and soft.

This is a great buy for contemporary and minimalist houses and you can get this from Utility Design, a British company.

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