Mattress from Be a Santa to A Senior Program

A program which began in 2004 via the Home Instead Senior Care, “Be A Santa” provides low-income seniors the things that they wish for at Christmas, and one recipient put mattresses on top of her wishlist.

Patricia McAnally hasn’t had a decent night’s sleep in months.

So, she was understandably thrilled when she opened her apartment door Thursday morning and found her Christmas gift: A cushy, full-size mattress and box springs, courtesy of the “Be a Santa to a Senior” program.

“I’m amazed,” said McAnally, who lives in the Todd Towers public housing apartments on Greene Street. “We do have angels; they’re everywhere. You’ve just got to whistle for them.”

For the past year she has been sleeping scrunched up on a skinny twin mattress, which aggravates her bad back and fibromyalgia.

“Be a Santa” founder Temi Charrier asked a local Mattress King store to donate a bed; the owner agreed.

The recipient also received quilt covers and other bedroom accessories, more than what she has wished for.

via Huntsville Times

Photo from CarvedChristmas4u

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