Creating the Illusion of a Bigger Bed

Home improvement and D.I.Y. projects are so on trend in social media around this time. Because it’s the start of a brand new year, many are so eager to get with tasks and projects that they could accomplish for 2014 to make their year better. Of the many home ideas we’ve come across for tackling this year, this trick in the bedroom was what caught our interest.

From the blog The Space Between, the author came up with a way to create a bigger bed by improvising on the mattress and its frame.


Say you have a frame or headboard that is too big for your mattress, you can make use of blankets and comforters you’re not using, and tuck these on to the side of the mattress where there’s a gap from the frame. Then hold it all together with fitted sheets, thus, creating an illusion of a bed with the right size for the frame.


It’s a great idea and a temporary fix, especially if you’re still not keen on replacing your mattress with the right size. It’s a really simple thing to do, too! This is a DIY project everyone will be able to follow easily!

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