Magnigel from Magniflex

Magniflex is joining the gel bedding bandwagon and releasing their latest model called the Magnigel, which has a layer of pre-polymer in the foam complunds so that it is softer to sleep on. The mattress still makes use of the open cell technology, but this time, it’s infused with gel-foam technology, which not only feels comfortable, it also helps keep the temperature of the sleeping environment cooler. It’s also made crush proof and eco-friendly.

According to its Sales Director:

“It is clear that keeping cool at night has become a key selling point for our North American retail partners. However, we didn’t want to rush introductions and end up with a sub-par product on the market. Instead we dedicated our time to creating a superior gel-foam design to enhance the comfort for which Magniflex is known.”

The gel feature will also be available in pillow form.

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