Jamison Bedding Celebrates 129th Year With Latest Mattress Line

For over 129 years, Jamison Bedding has been doing business briskly in Tennessee. The company, in its milestone year, has released what they call the Anniversary Mattress Collection.

This product is infused with gel foam and comes in a euro-top model. It also features innersprings which have been foam encased to provide better support and suspension. Under its gel foam layer, the mattress has super soft foams sitting on a sustainable foundation made of wood.

The anniversary mattress makes use of knit cover with the blue and cream crest, which is actually standard of many of Jaminson’s mattress. The border panels of the bed are seersucked, keeping it neat and tight.

The company is also releasing a 15-second ad to thank its patrons for supporting Jamison Bedding all these years.

“Our market focus is to motivate retailers to come see our standout product designs, to experience the real value that Jamison offers and to learn more about the high-level service we’ve always delivered,”Gorrell said.
“We may be celebrating 129 years in the mattress business. But we’re also demonstrating the exciting new Jamison of today. We’re eager to prove how we really do ‘Make Sleep Different.’”

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