ISPA & California Working To Map A New Mattress Recycling Initiative

One of the country’s mattress industry groups, the largest in fact, is working with California state senator, Lou Correa, to put a new mattress recycling initiative into action. This time, it’s seeking to make the rest of the industry players involved with its CA 4 Mattress Recycling Org. You can read the brochure about the project here.

While there are already existing mattress recycling process in place, this new initiative should minimize the cost of mattress, affecting the manufacturers who produce these and the consumers who buy the products.

The new project should provide for an exhaustive blueprint to carrying out recycling by enforcing regulations that should be followed on a state-level. At the moment it isn’t actually clear which sector is responsible for absorbing the cost of recycling and this is one of the reasons why a blueprint must be set in place.

If the state of California would be able to successfully do this, then other states are expected to follow.

You can read more about this from Good Bed.

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