Is Your Teen Losing Sleep? A New Mattress May Help!

Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 6.55.34 PMA study conducted by Parisian researchers at the Hôtel-Dieu Hospital shows that sleep patterns and habits of teenagers may greatly improve with use of a new mattress.

For the past 25 years, teenagers have apparently lost some 50 minutes of sleep on average. Bearing other factors that may affect this, such as the propensity for using gadgets, and the teen’s attachment to social media, researchers said that one way to remedy this is to introduce a newer, better and bigger mattress.

The study was participated in by teenagers between the ages of 15-19, who are averaging just seven hours of sleep at night. It was discovered that from these participants, at least 17% have expressed dissatisfaction over their sleep environment, while 7% take sedatives or pills to help them sleep.

As stated in the study, “The quality and quantity of sleep depend among other factors on the synchronization of the body’s internal clock with a sleeping and waking schedule. But teenagers have a tendency to delay going to bed, particularly at the start of the week when they feel less tired. And on the weekends they tend to shift their sleep schedules and sleep more (for example, 15-year-olds sleep one hour and 41 minutes longer on average when they don’t have school the next morning). This de-synchronization can be the cause of a sleep debt in the mid to long term.”

Newer mattresses, with larger sleep area, should help these youngsters catch up on sleep. The research also found out that rapid growth among teens may be an issue in homes with smaller or worn-out mattresses or beds.

More details about this study have been reported here.

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