Helicopter Makes Landing Pad Out of Mattresses

Mattresses aren’t just meant for sleeping. These are recycled into more usable items when it’s already old and dingy. But for an emergency case that took place in a hospital in San Antonio, Texas, a helicopter pilot had good thinking and requested people prepare at mattresses in the landing pad.

The chopper was in danger of crash landing as there was a mechanical defect. To avoid this and to keep its passengers from being harmed, the pilot sent a radio message for mattresses.

Says one of the witnesses, “He knew if he landed, that he would crash. He suggested mattresses, and I told Engine 23 to grab three or four mattresses from the dorm. We also brought out weights from our weight room to hold the mattresses down.”

Four mattresses were stacked together, weighing a total of 45-pounds. And the trick worked! The helicopter landed and the passengers safely stepped out of it.

The full story is here.

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