Google Users Rate High for Saatva Mattress More

According to this press release, Saatva Luxury Mattress, has been the most rated mattress among Google users for last year (2012).

Online consumers apparently prefer Saatva for its competitive price, quality craftsmanship and good customer service, receiving as high as 4.9/5 in user ratings. Because of this the company is celebrating the fact that it’s the most preferred mattress among online users.

The company’s CEO, Mr. Ron Rudzin, had this to say:

 “Saatva has always striven to provide the best product and service in the industry. Learning that we were the highest reviewed mattress on Google in 2012 validates our continued efforts to simply be the best in the business.”

“We’re not only out to show we can deliver the best value, we also want to make every customer is incredibly satisfied with their Saatva experience. We thank our customers and Google for noticing.”

The company offers, among other things, a 30-day trial for customers. Apart from this, doing away with middlemen and retail stores helps with cutting the cost, which is why the products are cheaper compared to other luxury mattress.


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