Going Organic: Why This Type of Mattress Is Best

201111-omag-green-nights-sleep-600x411Are you still sleeping on a conventional mattress that’s made of polyurethane foam? Is your memory foam mattress off-gassing or is it made from synthetic materials? If you say yes to these questions, you could be sleeping in a mattress filled with chemicals that increase your body’s vulnerability to toxic substances. These chemicals are derived from petroleum based products that have VOCs or volatile organic compounds.

Furthermore, the mattress could still be doused with flame-retardant chemicals that have been proven to be the leading case of cancer development and the disorder of the nervous system. It’s no wonder that certain guidelines have been ensured to safeguard consumers when it comes to flame-retardant mattresses. It’s actually against the law for manufacturers to produce this.

The rise in the demand for organic mattresses isn’t just a trend, as many people are now more aware of the dangers of sleeping on a bed that’s actually a health threat. All the dangers enumerated above, aren’t some marketing ploy to get consumers to purchase a more expensive and organic mattress. Given that people spend a third of their lives sleeping or being in bed, it’s just practical and logical to be choosy and certain when it comes to mattresses.

Organic mattresses are made of natural materials like rubber latex, cotton and wool, and are manufactured without undergoing chemical process. These materials are also natural retardants and dust and allergy resistant. These materials also contain temperature regulating properties. For all its features, it does cost more than traditional or conventional mattresses. But, the advantages far outweigh the cost or price, especially when one’s health is the biggest concern.

So, ready to switch to organic mattresses?

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