Get The Best Sleep With a Blue Bedroom

Would you like to get a good sleep at night? A study done in the UK revealed that changing the bedroom’s color to BLUE can enhance the quality of sleep, simply because blue is such a relaxing and soothing color.

As reported in The Daily Mail, a survey of about 2,000 homes done by Travelodge revealed that the best choice for bedroom color is a cool shade of blue. Respondents note that this color allows them to sleep at least 8 hours at night, and then wake up feeling more energized and rejuvenated, with a levelled off heart rate and lowered blood pressure.

Meanwhile, if you’re planning on touching up the bedroom with some color, purple would should be the least of considerations.

According to a color analyst and design consultant, “Although many people think purple creates a sense of luxury in the bedroom, this colour can reduce the number of hours of sleep you attain. Purple has a strong connection with the more artistic community being a colour reported to stimulate creativity and the unconscious mind. Therefore sleeping in a purple room is more likely to promote vivid dreams or even nightmares; resulting in you feeling tired in the morning.”

You can read all about the report here.

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