G+ Sleep Solution from ZedBed

Zedbed’s newest product, the G+ Sleep Solution, has been launced at the Toronto Furniture Market recently.

The new sleep system offers customizable features, where consumers can either choose to keep one zone of the bed more warm or more cool. The system comes with gel pocket inserts, called G+ pads, that can be inserted on to the mattress. This way, the sleeper will be able to control his sleep environment to his preference, by controlling the temperature. The pockets come embedded into the mattress already, and may also be inserted with memory foam gels, if the owner wants to.

According to ZedBed’s head, “Today, there are various technologies designed to regulate body temperature and prevent the discomfort of overheating that is sometimes associated with sleeping on memory foam. With G+, users can increase or decrease the coolness of their mattress, thus controlling their sleep space without disturbing their sleep partner.”

You can learn more about this product from Zedbed. The company is based in Canada.

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