Flat Beds offered by Airlines continue to increase

Having a bed to sleep on while inside an airplane was introduced in 1930’s but these were eventually removed by airline companies and were replaced with flat seats. But beds in an airplane are coming back and the rise in number of airlines offering this to first class passengers continue to grow every year.

This report from MSNBC

Unlike lie-flat seats, which are angled, flat-bed seats recline to a full 180 degrees. The bed dimensions vary depending on the airline: Virgin Atlantic’s seat length is 79.5 inches; British Airways is 72 inches in business class and 78 inches in first class.

“I’m 6-foot-tall, and I feel comfortable in it,” said Abramson, who is CEO of an international marketing company. “I’m able to sleep flat out without having to curl my toes or bend my knees. Whenever I take a West Coast London flight, I usually spend half to two-thirds of the flight.

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