Flare Mattress Design from Comfort Solutions

The Flare Mattress design presented by Comfort Solutions at the Las Vegas market is something that raised the interest of many retailers. The mattress features an extra half-foot space that is supposed to help with sleep.

While this design is not unusual, as others have done similar mattresses like this before, the additional space is constructed with consideration to how it could help decrease sleep disturbance and keep the bed sturdier, with its edges more compact. According to the company’s head, the design of the Flare mattress still “holds up to the same standard as a conventional mattress edge, but with the added benefit of more space,”

The mattress is actually trapezoid in shape, with the sides flared and super cut and featured with high density foam. Because of the way it is angled, the edges become sturdier. This design has been inception for about six months and may in fact be added to any existing mattress. There is no need to change bed frames because of this, nor make use of different sheets or bedding, although Comfort Solutions will also be coming out with specialized sheets for Flare Mattress.

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