Family doctor makes pet beds for dogs in shelters

Phyllis Popp is a physician who has a special affinity for dogs and other pets in Arizona county. Because she loves to sew, she decided to make better use of her time by making machine washable fleece pet beds filled with fiber. She describes this as “basically a human pillow but for a dog. All my dogs have them”

When she is speaking of the dogs, she means those that are in the animal shelters in Arizona, where she has donated these beds.

252083-1 The donated beds are given to animals in the Humane Society’s Second Chance Hospital, which is home to animals that have been struck by cars or endured other injuries or those who have undergone medical treatment or surgery.

They used to sleep on old towels or blankets or webbed cots built from PCP pipe and material similar to that of a lawn chair. Now, they heal on Labor of Love Pet Beds.

The beds are also given to foster families temporarily housing animals and are sold at the Humane Society’s Pet Emporium for $25 each.

Howard said the shop has sold close to 200, with 100 percent of sales going to the Humane Society.

“I can’t save the world, and my house is full,” Popp said, alluding to her own seven rescued canines. “But at least now they’ll have something soft to sleep on.”

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