Don’t Buy New Mattress in the Spring

When it’s the height of spring season, around the month of April, it’s not a good idea to buy any mattress or do a mattress upgrade for this month, according to Huffington Post.

In the article written by Lynn Andriani, she suggested a few thing you can hold off with buying any household items and zeroed in on mattresses saying that the best times to make a purchase would instead be during Memorial Day, the Fourth of July or Labor Day. These are great periods because many stores offer sales or price cuts, for bedding items like mattresses especially. This is also the time manufacturers prepare for the release of their latest models, hence they are cleaning or marking down old models.

To buy a mattress in April would be a mistake, because the sale season really is just around the corner.

Have you heard of any other tips with buying mattresses or scoring mattress deals?

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