Do You Have Restrictions In Your Bedroom?

Growing up in a big family house, I had an aunt who didn’t like for other family members to sit or lie down on her bed. Everyone respected that and she has kept her space pretty much clean and neat the whole time. She wanted to keep her sleep area neat and orderly for sleeping. She even disapproves of eating while reading in bed (something that a lot of us do, I’m sure!).

We had a house rule that disallowed guests from ever wandering or hanging out in our bedrooms. It goes without saying that the rooms upstairs were private sanctuaries and were not meant for entertaining friends, and even family members.

But as times changed, it seems this kind of privacy and restriction is no longer observed. When there are get-togethers, families and friends usually flock to our bedroom where the kick-ass entertainment system is, and where the room is cooler. The bedroom has become a place for entertainment. We even eat in there, and just dust off or vacuum bed crumbs later or fix the place up before sleeping.

It has also become a place for working for us, with the laptop as a common fixture on the sidetable. Our spaces on the mattress has turned into an office and hang-out space. And I’m guessing it’s the same for a lot of families. Basically, there are not a lot of restrictions observed and it’s so different from when I was growing up.

Have your bedroom habits and “rules” also changed? How do you manage this transition from “entertainment and hang-out space” to a sleep space? Or do you still see your bed as a sacred and intimate space, only ideal for sleeping and resting?

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