CPSC Recalls 1500 Mattresses in Georgia and 2 States

Failing to meet the federal standards for mattress flammability, the Consumer Product Safety Commission has announced last Friday that it wil be recalling some 1500 mattresses that were sold in Georgia and two other states in the US.

The recall order was set a year after a report from a CBS station in Atlanta exposed this. The report, however, was filed last year. The mattress in question comes from the American Mattress Manufacturing Company, also based in Atlanta. These were used mattresses that have been removed of its springs and then rebuilt with different materials and fabrics. These mattresses specifically have a yellow tag attached to them, with the name of the manufacturing company written on the tag. These mattresses were sold at $30 to $200, in various sizes, including bunk bed mattresses.

In the CBS report, an investigation was done, complete with laboratory test, to see how the rebuilt mattresses measure up. But as it was shown, the mattresses instantly caught fire as soon as it became exposed to open flame.

Consumers are asked to check and return their mattresses with the yellow tag, if these have been bought from the following stores in Georgia and neighboring states, between December 2010 to September 2011.

  • Bren-Wil Mattress Wholesale, Millbrook, AL;
  • A&R Furniture, Macon, GA.;
  • Ahnn’s Mattress, Hampton, GA.;
  • Blair Village Pawn Shop, Atlanta, GA.;
  • E&S Mattress Discount, Columbus, GA.;
  • General Furnishing, Loganville, GA.;
  • HRC Furniture, Jackson, GA.; Mattress for Less, Macon, GA.;
  • Mattress 4 Sale, Riverdale and Forest Park, GA.;
  • Starlite Furnishing, Chamblee, GA.;
  • Mega Mattress Outlet, Jackson, Miss.

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