Consumer Watchdogs In China Act Against Substandard Mattress Manufacturers

Finally, a consumers association is doing something about substandard mattresses being sold in Beijing, when it submitted different brands and materials for testing and called on mattress manufacturers and authorities to do something about it.

Beijing Consumers Association sought the help of the  National Center for Quality Supervision and Inspection of Furniture and Indoor Environment to do the tests, where about 50 mattress products failed to live up to the standards. Half of the mattresses easily had color fading and the fabric used also had questionable durability and toxic levels.

These mattresses had high formaldehyde content, an chemical that has been attributed to cancer.

Authorities are going to do a thorough investigation upon Beijing Consumer Association’s recommendation.

Last year, some mattress shoppers have actually complained about new mattress smell in one giant mattress chain in the city. And one lawyer has a suggestion for these manufacturers and authorities, “The mattress makers involved should compensate customers, and commerce authorities should fine them. More serious penalties, such as suspending or revoking their business licenses, could be used if producers continue to make substandard goods.”

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