Consumer Reports Releases Mattress Test Report

Recently, Consumer Reports, a non-profit organization, released a test report of different models of mattresses to help those looking to buy a new mattress with their choices. The organization went
through over a dozen models, ranging from innerspring to foam mattresses and carrying a price tag that falls around $500 to $2,000.

The test involved measuring whether or not mattress manufacturers are being true to their claims and advertisements.

One group was tasked to see if the natural curve of the body rests comfortably on the mattress, especially with many of these claim to provide good body support. This group checked for firmness or softness based on what has been advertised.

Another group was tasked to check if the mattress can hold up to body weight, and test its durability. Heavy weight testers were asked to roll on the mattress thousands of times to do this.

Contruction of the mattress was also scrutinized. The beds were cut open to see the internal structure.

The report states that expensively priced mattresses doesn’t necessarily guarantee that it is the better choice. And as recommended, testing out the mattress before buying is still a wise move.

Of the mattresses this report has tested, these are the top choices:

  • Simmons Glover Park from Sears
  • Serta Perfect Sleeper Elite from Macy’s
  • Novaform Serafina from Costco

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