Celliant Technology for Mattresses

According to Bedroom Magazine, celliant technology use in the bedding industry has increased among bedding manufacturers in the last few years.

Developed in the 90’s, the material has become such a vital part in many of the mattresses and fabrics designed and released by manufacturers in the early 2000, as its benefits to sleep has been seen as favorable. The quality of mattress or its effects doesn’t also diminish even with several uses or laundering.

One of the mattresses that carry this technology is found in Serta’s Perfect Day mattress. It can also be found in Fabrictech International PureCare mattress and pillow protectors.

When the textile is placed near a person’s skin, the recycled energy is directed to the body, increasing blood flow and blood oxygen levels. This increase in oxygen to muscle tissues and joints aids stiffness, soreness, and offers relief to aging, injuries, and arthritis. More specifically, when applied to sleep products, consumers are able to find an ideal sleeping temperature, have less interrupted nights’ sleep and an increase in daytime energy.

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