Buying a Latex Mattress? Take Note of These Details First

As there are too many options for latex mattress, choosing can be an overwhelming task. But if you take note of a few of these tips, you can easily round up your choices and purchase the latex mattress that fits your need:

1. Be careful with sythentic materials. Some latex mattresses come with blends made of these, while advertising that they are 100% organic. Synthetic blends already come with chemicals and therefore, not flame retardant. If you’re buying to provide a healthy mattress for your family, this type is not the one you need. Synthetic blend mattresses are normally priced cheaper than natural latex mattress. And they tend to off-gas too.┬áSynthetic materials also go for the covering used to seal the foams in.

2. Check for quality. Some manufacturers use glue to bind the layers of a latex mattress. Similar to synthetic materials, the glue is made of chemicals and may reek of it. For someone with very sensitive sense of smell, this may be an irritant.

3. Ask for a warranty. Natural latex mattresses last very long and that is necessary because people stay on their beds for 1/4 of their lives. And companies that offer these normally offer a return-warranty, as well. So, ask these from your dealer.

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