Bad Business Practice: Moldy Mattresses Sold at Atlanta Store

Despite warnings and alerts from concerned agencies on the danger of selling used mattress or contaminated mattresses, there are still some stores who practice this badly with consumers ending up buying soiled mattresses for the price of a brand new one.

It’s deceptive really. Which is why there is a law against selling this mattresses and those responsible could be liable with a fine or a jail time.

Here’s a case of one consumer who purchased what was supposedly a brand new mattress for the price of $233, which is actually a rip-off. The CBS Atlanta news center sent out two investigative reporters in a mattress store to purchase this, and then brought it to a cleaning expert, who, upon cutting the mattress covers away, discovered a smelly and dirty mattress underneath. This was also tested and was found to have molds.

The store owner defends that to their knowledge, they were selling new mattresses and had no way to tell if it was refurbished by the manufacturer. This would have been harder to prove except at the back of the store, reporters found materials from old mattresses, prompting the owner to admit he does “rebuild” them. He further defends, he is selling these to those who cannot afford new mattress.

This report is a warning and a guide to consumers who intend on getting a new mattress. Apart from knowing the kind of mattress you like, you must also know the store you’re getting it from.

You can read about the story further here.

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