Ultimate Hybrid Mattress

Do couples have to agree on one type of mattress? If they buy the wrong one, how much of this affects the quality of their relationship, due to lack of sleep from a mattress that’s not giving them the best comfort? A study has shown that the kind of mattress couples sleep on is a huge deal for the relationship. When one partner is not getting the most out of the mattress, the discomfort can roll over and affect they way they treat their partners as seen in the video interview below. Not only do they not sleep well, in some cases, intimacy in the relationship also suffers.

The result of the study, as conducted by Legett & Platt, shows that the ideal mattress that will help eliminate discomfort and misunderstanding betwee couples is the Ultimate Hybrid Mattress.

This mattress is composed of the following:

The Comfort Core on the Ultimate Hybrid Mattress is what sets it apart from other types of mattress with the latest gel foam technology.

Watch this video to learn more about what this mattress offers:

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