Chicago Mattress Stores Under Investigation for Refurbished Mattresses

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About five mattress and bedding store in the Chicago area are being investigated city officials for selling refurbished mattress that have been found to contain bedbugs. These stores are Mike’s Furniture, Best Mattress Company, TC Furniture, Guadalajara Furniture and Chicago Mattress, with Best Mattress already ordered shut down.

Consumers lodge complaints against these store, mostly coming from those very unsatisfied with the product they bought.

Laws in Chicago allowed for the sale of refurbished mattress, provided that they are properly labeled and according to investigations, this seemed to not be the case for these five stores. Some mattress were not even labeled at all.

The owners of the stores refuse to comment on this.

Via Google News

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1 Response

  1. devin90 says:

    This sort of thing doesn't surprise me at all. If you are in our industry you know that the selling of used beds is a huge market. It's just unfortunate that they were not properly labeling them as used, and selling really badly used / bed bug infested mattresses.