The Mermaid Bed

How eccentric would you have to be to have a bed like this? While it’s called The Mermaid Bed, we think it most appropriately resembles an oyster. Names and resemblance aside, however, it can’t be denied that this bed is truly one of a kind. Weird (or fun?) as it may look, someone actually decided this would be a good bed for their room.


There are no other details about where this bed comes from, but it is no doubt customized to fit the requirements of the its owners. We just wonder if the top part won’t snap or drop down, much to the safety of its users, or if the bed is really comfortable given its unusual shape. And because of its special shape, which includes the mattress, this bed is most likely high maintenance.

Would you have wanted the same for your room?

The Mermaid Bed was featured on Buzzfeed.

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